Jason Heath

6 Apps that Help with Double Bass Practicing

How bridge adjusters work on double bass

Top 10 most annoying stand parter traits

Remembering double bass educator Murray Grodner

How much of a difference does it make to change your double bass strings?

Five books for developing a good double bass practice routine

Removing rosin from your double bass – what works?

How to play pizzicato faster on double bass

Welcome to the Home of the Double Bass Community!

Is Pops’ the best rosin for double bass?!?

How do you find good fingerings for double bass parts?

double bass gear quiver rosin

New to double bass? Get this stuff first!

Treble and tenor clef for double bass

How to learn treble and tenor clef on double bass

Phrasing double bass

How to get better at phrasing on the double bass

wife double bass

I teach my wife bass – hilarity ensues!

chamber music double bass

Modern chamber music with double bass

double bass rosin review

What’s special about double bass rosin?

parts of the double bass

All the parts of the double bass explained

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