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5 bassists I follow double bass

5 bassists I follow on social media!

Andres Martin double bass

Andrés Martín and his signature edition double basses

patrick neher double bass duets

Cool double bass duets for students by Patrick Neher!

dittersdorf double bass

Who was Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf and why is his double bass concerto so popular?

bottesini double bass

Was Giovanni Bottesini the “Elvis” of the double bass?

koussevitzky double bass

Who was Serge Koussevitzky… and is he a GHOST now?

olivier babaz jazz double bass

Grooving with the bow–can it be done on double bass?

dragonetti double bass concerto waltzes

Who was Domenico Dragonetti and what did he actually write?

rob kassinger kurt elling

Kurt Elling and Rob Kassinger | Close Your Eyes

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