The Hang

Double Bass Gig on Short Notice: My Cramming Strategy Revealed!

A chronological listing of unaccompanied double bass albums

Top 10 most annoying stand partner traits

Božo Paradžik on hairpins versus crescendos and decrescendos

wife double bass

I teach my wife bass – hilarity ensues!

FBI double bass course musician's toolkit

The FBI seized my double bass course!

bottesini koussevitzky double bass

DEATHMATCH: Bottesini vs Koussevitzky!

Stephen Street Bottesini double bass

Why is Bottesini’s music written in the “wrong octave?”

viennese double bass

Why were bass solos so popular in the 18th century?!?

John Clayton jazz double bass

Whitney Houston’s Star-Spangled Banner: Notes from the Arranger

toscanini double bass

Why do bass sections drag?

turbocharge your auditioning

Turbocharge your audition skills with the San Francisco Academy Orchestra

D'Addario strings orchestral double bass

How D’Addario strings are made: an in-depth look

yoshi horiguchi doubela bass

Progressive Repertoire Book 1: An In-Depth Analysis

chamber music double bass

Chamber Music Recommendations for Double Bass: An Annotated List

International Society of Bassists double bass

International Society of Bassists – A Historical Look

Best bass player Craigslist posting ever

inside a double bass

Inside a double bass!

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