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Concorso Bottesini 2024

October 21 - October 27

concorso bottesini 2024

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About Concorso Bottesini

The Bottesini Competition was founded in 1989 on the initiative of Maestro Franco Petracchi and represents the most important competition for double bass players from all over the world, who see in Giovanni Bottesini the most important double bass player in history and the one who, through his compositions and his performing skills, has given the double bass the dignity of a solo instrument.

Winning the Bottesini Competition, therefore, means becoming part of a small group of musicians who have been able to link their name to that of Maestro Cremasco. The particularly demanding programme proposed means that only the best young people can take part in the competition. From 1989 to 2019, 7 editions have been held, which have seen young people win who today play key roles in the best orchestras at the international level.

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