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Philharmonia Duo

March 12, 2023 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Philharmonia Duo v2

David Riniker, cello and Janusz Widzyk, double bass, both longtime members of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra will perform in our Concert-Series on Sunday, March 12th 2023 at a beautiful and charming location situated in the barn of an old castle.

Exquisite chambermusic in special locations

Originallly arisen from the limiting circumstances of the pandemic, the „Aachener Wohnzimmerkonzerte“ today still offer exquisite chambermusic from all periods in spacious private rooms, in museums or in other interesting locations.
The personal atmosphere of small rooms on the contrary to concerthalls and their distancing stages, the close contact to the audience is greatly appreciated by many artists.
The livestream for interested musicfriends in the distance remains attractive even after the end of the pandemic for both many listeners and dteh musicians.
“A concertseries that is urgently suggested and recommended to all friends of chamber music in those weird times“ (Aachen News, 30th March 2021)

How we got started…

The „Aachener Wohnzimmerkonzerte“ (Aachen Livingroom Concerts) came into being in winter 2020/21 in order to enable musicians to perform their music to audiences via Live-Streaming because the pandemic and the lockdowns didn’t allow them to appear in public. Thus musicians got the chance of transporting their arts and offering their music to the public using acoustically well-suited livingrooms as their interim stage. That opened a door to chamber music lovers and aficionados in those depriving months. And on we went…!

Concert-life is getting back to normal step by step, but many artists, especially those who are freelancing, still have to suffer from the financial losses of the pandemic lockdowns and the end is open. The „Aachener Wohnzimmerkonzerte“ will continue to offer a platform for their creativity.

Private rooms, little museums or other atmospheric locations are filled with eyquisite chambermusic covering baroque, classical and romantic music as well as modern composers and challenging crossover projects. The audience can either experience music very close to the musicians or enjoy the music in a livestream from their cozy home. Musicians greatly appreciate and love the chance of presenting their art in a more personal setting. They praise the atmosphere, the friendly audience, the professional organisation and the competent technique-team. The streamed concerts are often listened to and watched by friends and relatives of the artists both in Germany and abroad, and quite a few who cannot atend the concert for whatsoever reason take the chance to listen and watch live or later.

The personal atmosphere of chambermusic in small, often private rooms combined with a livestream for the interested public in the distance remains a charming format even after the pandemic and enrichens the cultural scenery of Aachen and its cultural life.

The concertseries finances itsellf from ticketsales for the live-concert and voluntary donations. Furthermore we are supported and sponsored by the „Office of cultural activities of the city of Aachen“ and by the „Youth and Culture of the Sparkasse Aachen“ (savings bank).

Become a part of our community! We would love and greatly appreciate to inform you – just enter our homepage aachener-wohnzimmerkonzerte.de and get on the mailing list.


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