Golden Gate Bass Camp 2019

As it enters its third decade of existence, it’s great to see the venerable Golden Gate Bass Camp continue to grow and develop to serve ever greater members of the double bass and electric bass community.

With Richard Duke · San Francisco, CA

Friday’s bass orchestra plus selected faculty performances from Saturday

Each year brings a new line-up of faculty from the Bay Area and further abroad. I joined the faculty for the Golden Gate Bass Camp in 2016, and it’s always a major highlight of the year for me.

2019 Faculty

Some of these faculty members have been teaching with the Golden Gates Bass Camp for many years, while others were brand new additions for 2019.

What a week! Here’s a look back at the many offerings from the event.

Monday, July 22


  • Arrival and Registration
  • Faculty introductions and schedule for the week
  • Read-through sectionals for the bass orchestra


  • Small ensemble reading
  • Kristin Zoernig – Mozart Requiem class
  • Beginning improv with Jeff Denson
  • Phrasing with Sascha Jacobsen
  • Electric bass foundations with Michael Manring
  • Private lessons

Tuesday, July 23


  • Warm-ups with Andres Martin and Donovan Stokes
  • Large ensemble rehearsal
  • Small ensemble rehearsal


  • Bass family tree with Donovan Stokes
  • Bowing improv with Jeff Denson and the San Francisco String Trio
  • Right hand workout with Sascha Jacobsen
  • Andres Martin master class
  • Donovan Stokes master class
  • Can’t Stop Running workshop with Dan Smith
  • Michael Manring open session
  • Private lessons

Wednesday, July 24


  • Warm-ups with Jason Heath and Donovan Stokes
  • Large ensemble rehearsal
  • Small ensemble rehearsal


  • Andrés Martín master class
  • Funk workshop with Dan Robbins and Wasabi (his funk band)
  • Konokol with Michael Manring
  • Phrasing and orchestra rep with Sascha Jacobsen
  • Five fingered left hand with Donovan Stokes
  • Private lessons

Playing at The Riptide

Richard, Donovan, Andrés, and I headed over Wednesday evening to play a couple sets at The Riptide, a classic San Francisco hang out by the Pacific Ocean. The crowd was great and totally loved the bass quartet bar gig concept.

Thursday, July 25


  • Warm-ups with Jason Heath and Donovan Stokes
  • Large ensemble rehearsal
  • Small ensemble rehearsal


  • Orchestra repertoire with Donovan Stokes
  • Electric bass improvisation with Jeff Denson
  • Tango bass with Andres Martin and Sascha Jascobsen
  • Mahler Symphony No. 5 with Steve Tramontozzi
  • Chamber music of Dvorak with string quartet and bass
  • Mixed styles of playing with Donovan Stokes
  • Open session with Michael Manring
  • Skips, drops, and triplets bass lines with Dan Robbins
  • Private lessons

Friday, July 26


  • Practice time
  • Small ensemble rehearsal
  • Large ensemble rehearsal with Brian Bromberg


  • Charles Chandler and Amos Yang cello/bass duo performance
  • Scott Pingel master class
  • Composer workshop with Sascha Jacobsen, Andres Martin, and Richard Marriott
  • Jazz bass basics with Brian Bromberg
  • Deliberate practice with Marc Gelfo of Modacity
  • Jazz bass lines and soloing with Brian Bromberg
  • Private lessons

Student Concert

The five-day educational component of the Golden Gate Bass Camp wrapped up Friday evening with a student concert featuring small groups, three large bass ensemble pieces, and a special rendition of Blues in the Closet with soloists Dan Robbins and Brian Bromberg.

Saturday, July 27

Bass Expo Day

2018 marked the first Bass Expo Day for the Golden Gate Bass Camp, with bass-related shops setting up to show instruments and other gear.

For 2019, this was expanded into an all-day offering, beginning with a live taping of the Contrabass Conversations podcast featuring Brian Bromberg, Michael Manring, and Andrés Martín.

The rest of the afternoon featured time for attendees from all over the Bay Area to check out instruments, gear, and services from:

Other offerings included:

  • Workshops and booth time with Brian Bromberg, Michael Manring, Donovan Stokes, Andres Martin, and Dan Robbins
  • Jazz bass trio workshop with Brian Bromberg and Jeff Denson – Hamir Atwal on drums and Dave McNab on guitar

Faculty Concert

Bass Expo Day and the 2019 Golden Gate Bass Camp concluded with a tour-de-force faculty concert.

  • Synchronicity for cello and bass by Andrés Martín
    • Charles Chandler, double bass
    • Amos Yang, cello
  • Sueños by Andrés Martín
    • Andrés Martín, double bass
    • Keisuke Nakagoshi, piano
  • Marcas de Pasion by Andrés Martín
    • Andrés Martín, double bass
    • Richard Duke, double bass
    • Jason Heath, double bass
  • Musikalisches Blumengartlein by Paul Hindemith
    • Steve Tramontozzi, double bass
    • Carlos Ortega, clarinet
  • Sonatina by Donovan Stokes
    • Donovan Stokes, double bass
    • Lewis Patzner, cello
  • Klezmorin by Richard Marriott
    • Daniel Smith, double bass
    • David Chernavsky, violin
    • Carlos Ortega, clarinet
    • Keisuke Nakagoshi, piano
  • Jeff Denson Trio
    • Jeff Denson, bass and vocals
    • Hamir Atwal, drums
    • Dave McNab, guitar
  • Michael Manring
  • Brian Bromberg
    • Hamir Atwal, drums
    • Dave McNab, guitar

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