International Boccherini Bass Fest 2023

The festival was a great opportunity to meet and interact with talented students from Italy and beyond.

With Gabriele Ragghianti · Lucca, Italy

Jason Heath, Gabriele Ragghianti, and students from the Luigi Boccherini Institute of Music after a collaborative dance + bass outdoor performance.

The International Boccherini Bass Fest brings together double bass players from around the world to share their knowledge, skills, and love for music. I was honored to have been given the opportunity to teach master classes and perform a recital this May in the beautiful city of Lucca, Italy.

About Bass Fest Organizer Gabriele Ragghianti

Gabriele Ragghianti is a renowned Italian double bass performer and educator who organizes the International Boccherini Bass Fest. He is also bass professor the Luigi Boccherini Institute of Music in Lucca, Italy and is on faculty at the Royal College of Music in London.

Gabriele has performed with many prestigious orchestras and ensembles throughout Europe and is globally acclaimed for his musicianship and dedication to the art of the double bass. He hosted the marvelous Bass2018 Lucca event, which brought together bassists from across to the globe to the historically and musically vibrant town of Lucca.

As a teacher, he is known for his innovative and effective pedagogical approach, which emphasizes technical proficiency and musical expression. The festival was a great success thanks in large part to his leadership and vision.

Teaching Master Classes

It was a pleasure to work with Gabriele’s talented and hardworking students!

The festival was a great opportunity for me to meet and interact with talented students from Italy and beyond. I was able to discuss various topics related to music and learn about different musical traditions.

During the master classes, I focused on teaching the students the technical and musical aspects of playing the bass.

It was rewarding to work with these great students, and to know that I was able to be with them for a bit of their musical studies.

Performing in the Recital

It was great to have Gabriele join me for Californian Duett by Simón García

It was great to cap off this residency with a recital on Saturday night. The audience was engaged and enthusiastic, and their energy was contagious. It was a wonderful feeling to share these pieces with such an appreciative audience!

Recital Program

The Boccherini Institute’s recital hall has a wonderful acoustic for double bass.
  • Sueños by Andrés Martín (piano played by the marvelous Arianna Tarantino)

Final Thoughts

The International Boccherini Bass Fest was a fantastic experience. It was an opportunity for me to share my passion for music with others and learn from talented musicians from around the world.

The festival provided me with a renewed sense of inspiration and motivation to continue to work hard and pursue my musical dreams. A big shout-out to Gabriele for the invitation, and I look forward to participating in future festivals and continuing to share my music with others!

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