Bass gear overview with Abo Gumroyan

This killer bassist has really dialed in his recording gear!

With Abo Gumroyan · Los Angeles, CA

This is a look inside the home studio of Grammy-award-winning bassist Abo Gumroyan. Be sure to follow Abo on Instagram, and check out links to everything he covers below.

If you’d like to jump directly to a specific piece of gear, visit the YouTube video and click the links in the description.


Little Phatty Stage II by Moog
Abo uses this 95% of the time when playing keyboard bass

Launchkey 49 MIDI controller by Novation
Abo uses this to run all software synths: OBXD, Alchemy, Omnisphere, all running in Logic

OBXD is free to download


Universal Audio Apollo Twin
2 mic inputs and Hi-Z instrument input

BF-S Pro DI Ultra Hi Z by Useful Audio
For recording bass guitar

For recording upright, Abo runs two microphones into Apollo Twin.


Monheim FET microphone
All-purpose mic recommendation
Large diaphragm cardioid pattern condenser mic
Newer version of the famed Neumann U47
Made by Andrew Monheim in Los Angeles

Neumann KM 184 pencil mic
Uses in conjunction with Mannheim for recording pizzicato
Points at end of fingerboard to get the right hand attack
Also a great room mic for arco playing


Tom and George Martin double bass
From 2009
Based on Ponormo and Kennedy patterns

Patrick McCarthy low C extension
Independent tunable capos for each note

1964 Ampeg baby bass
This is the bass Abo used on the Grammy-winning Pacific Mambo Orchestra album


Michael Spalt 5-string bass
Modern side in terms of tone, but lots of tonal adjustments possible with it
Great for versatile recording situations

1971 Fender Mustang Bass
Short-scale bass
Sits well in the mix on a track, especially using flatwound strings

Fender American Ultra Jazz Bass (new!)
Alder body with rosewood fingerboard
Has preamp, but can also go fully passive
Abo also has a 5-string version of this

mid-90s Fender Jazz Bass
Upgraded in most aspects
EMG pickups and preamp
Amazing slap sound and warm, lush fingerstyle sound
Records and plays live great

Custom-made Performance 5-string YB-5 Bass
“Fender on steroids”
From custom shop in Hollywood
Looks like a jazz bass, but doesn’t sound like a jazz bass at all
Great bass to cut through in large arena shows and other live settings

Rodrigo Garcia Colibri Guitars 5-string bass
From Mexico City
Interesting take on a PJ pickup setup
Nordstrand pickups and preamp
Interesting pickup combinations possible
“Swiss Army Knife” bass

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